Mass Times



Vigil Saturday 6.15pm

10.30am and 12 noon


07.45am - Monday through Friday

10.00am  -  Monday through Saturday

07:00pm - Wednesdays (Mass of Our Mother of Perpetual Help)

07:00pm -  First Monday of each month, Padre Pio Mass and devotions

07:00pm  LENT - Monday, Wednesday, Thursday and Friday 

07:00pm LENT - Stations of the Cross on Tuesday's 

When holyday falls on Monday – Friday
Vigil 6.15pm
7.45am, 10am & 7.00pm

When holyday falls on Saturday (Vigil Mass at 6.15pm on Friday.

10.00am and Vigil of Sunday at 6.15pm

(Except St Patrick's Day, Vigil Mass 6.15pm, 10.30am and 12 noon)

Mass Times in Clonmel


7:45am St Mary's

 9.30 am. Church of the Resurrection

10.00 am. Franciscan Friary

10.00am St Mary's

1.00 pm. SS. Peter & Paul's

5.15 pm. Ferryhouse, Waterford Road. (Monday to Friday inclusive)

7:00pm St Mary's (on Wednesdays only)

7.30 pm. Franciscan Friary (on Tuesdays only)

Vigil: {Saturday}

6:15 pm. St. Mary's

7:00 pm. Franciscan Friary

7:30 pm. St. Oliver's & SS. Peter & Paul's


8:00 am. Franciscan Friary

9:00 am. St. Oliver's

10:00 am. Church of the Resurrection

10:30 am. St. Mary's

11:00 am. SS. Peter & Paul's

11:30 am. Franciscan Friary

12:00 noon St. Mary's & St. Oliver's

12:30 pm. SS. Peter & Paul's

On Holy Days:

 Vigil: 6.15 pm. (Previous day}

9.00 am. St. Oliver’s

9.30 am. Church of the Resurrection

10.00am St. Mary's

10.30 am. SS. Peter & Paul’s

12.00 noon St. Oliver’s & St Mary's

1.00 pm. SS. Peter & Paul’s

7.30 pm. SS. Peter & Paul's

6.15 pm. Vigil Mass (for Sunday) St. Mary's