Saturday, 27 November, 2021


Eddie Sweetman's 90th Birthday Mass

Please note that the time of Eddie's Birthday Mass is 7pm on Monday 29th November.


PLEASE NOTE:  The blessing of Marlfield Cemetery will now take place on Sunday 28th November at 3pm at Marlfield Cemetery.

Family Pack for Sunday 30th May 2021 

This weekend is the Feast of the Trinity. God shares himself with us through the three persons of the Trinity. We share the love of God the Father, the goodness of Jesus the Son, and the friendships of the Holy Spirit.  As it is the last Sunday of May, the Children's Liturgy Team is finishing up for the Summer months. Thank you to all the families of our parish for participating in our Family Pack and online events throughout the year. We are looking forward to returning in September 2021, hopefully beyond the computer screen! Have a lovely summer break from St. Mary's Children's Liturgy Team.  The pack is available on our Newsletter link.

Family Pack for the Feast of Pentecost Sunday 23rd May 2021

Today is the Feast of Pentecost, which the Jews celebrated fifty days after the Passover. Today we celebrate the birthday of the Church, and hear how Jesus sent his Holy Spirit to the disciples, just as he had promised to do. This Sunday, light a candle with your family and read or watch the story about the Feast of Pentecost. Say the prayer 'Come Holy Spirit' as a family and enjoy a lovely day together. The pack is available on our Newsletter link.


Family Pack for the Feast of the Ascension 2021

The time had come for Jesus to say goodbye to his friends and to return to his Father in Heaven. They had work to do when he was gone, but through the Holy Spirit they would never feel afraid or alone. The pack is available on our Newsletter link.

Family Pack for Sunday 9th May 2021

 Jesus loves each one of us so much that he died on the cross so that we could share eternal life with him. He asks us to be generous and to share this love with all of mankind. Can you think of ways that you can share love this week with your family and friends? The pack is available on our newsletter link.

Family Pack for Sunday 2nd May 2021 

This week we learn that Jesus is the true vine. A branch cannot live and produce fruit unless it is nourished by the tree or plant to which it is attached. Today Jesus compares himself to a vine, and we are the branches which bear the fruit of his love.  The pack is available on our Newsletter link.

Family Pack for Sunday 25th April 2021 The Good Shepherd

Each week, we learn a little more about why Jesus died on the Cross and rose from the dead. It is because he loves everyone in the world. Jesus takes care of us just as a good shepherd takes care of his sheep. He knows each one of us and we know him, and we are glad to follow him wherever he leads us.  The pack is available on the newsletter link.

Family Pack for Sunday 18th April 2021

This Sunday, Jesus asks the disciples to tell everyone about the good news; that Jesus has risen from the dead. The Road to Emmaus is a very special story. Jesus wants everyone to share kindness and love with their actions and words. Can you do one nice thing this week for your family that will share Jesus' love?   The pack is available on our newsletter link.

Family Pack for the Second Sunday of Easter 11th April 2021

Sometimes people use the saying ‘seeing is believing’, meaning that it is easier to believe something when you have seen it with your own eyes. The disciple called Thomas would not believe that Jesus had risen from the dead without seeing it for himself.  The Pack is available on our Newsletter link.

Family Pack for Easter Sunday 4th April 2021

On Easter Sunday we celebrate that Jesus has risen from the dead and is alive! Alleluia! It is time to celebrate with lovely chocolate Easter treats. Remember to say a prayer to Jesus today and thank Him for giving us everlasting life. Spend some time with your family, light a candle, read the Gospel, and say the Family Prayer as part of your Easter celebrations. Enjoy this wonderful day which Jesus gave us with His amazing love. The pack is available on our Newsletter link. 

Virtual Children's Stations of the Cross 2021

This year The Children's Liturgy Team have a video available on the Parish Website of the Children's Stations of the Cross. The video is very special as it includes lots of families and children from our Family Mass. It is wonderful to bring the community together again through this video of the Stations during a very special time for our Church. The video will be available on Church Services/Clonmel website on Good Friday 2nd April. Through the power of technology we can pray the Children's Stations of the Cross  together safely at home. 

Family Pack for Palm Sunday 2021

Sunday 28th March is Palm Sunday this year. The Jews were waiting for a king to lead them against the Romans and make them free again. When Jesus rode into Jerusalem on Palm Sunday, he was welcomed as this king, but he came as a king of peace and not to bring war. As a family take some time to read the Gospel, say the family prayer and think about Jesus during Holy Week. The family pack can be found on our newsletter link.

Family Pack for the Fifth Sunday of Lent 2021

This is the fifth Sunday of Lent. We learn many things about Jesus during Lent, like how He wants us to say sorry, to pray to God and to forgive others. This week Jesus tells His disciples about how He will have a sad day on the Cross soon. The disciples don’t understand, but they will on Good Friday and Easter Sunday.  The family pack is available on our Newsletter link.

Family Pack for the Fourth Sunday of Lent

This is the Fourth Sunday of Lent. We have learned how to say sorry, to have trust in God and how to forgive others. While Jesus was in Jerusalem for the Feast of the Passover, one of the Pharisees, called Nicodemus, came to see him secretly one night. Nicodemus believed in Jesus and wanted to know more about this extraordinary man. This Sunday is also Mother's Day, so don't forget to give your Mammy a big hug and say 'Thank you!'.   The pack can be found on our Newsletter link.

Family Pack for the Third Sunday of Lent 2021

This is the Third Sunday of Lent. So far, we have learned that it is important to say sorry and have trust in God. This week we will learn about forgiveness. Jesus said ‘My father’s house is a house of prayer.’ So, when he came to the temple in Jerusalem and saw how people had pushed God to one side and allowed money and business to become more important, he was very angry. The pack is available on our Newsletter link.

Family Pack for The Second Sunday of Lent 2021

This weekend is the Second Sunday of Lent. Last week we learned that it is important to say ‘sorry’ when we make mistakes and do something wrong. We are trying to do better! This week we are learning to trust Holy God by reading the story of Abraham. Abraham was a good man, and like Noah, he had complete faith and trust in God. God put this trust to the test when he asked Abraham to sacrifice his son Isaac. This weekend light a candle and read the story with your family, or watch the video about Abraham and Isaac together. Say the family prayer together and do something nice to enjoy the weekend!   The family pack is available on our Newsletter link.

Family Pack - The First Sunday of Lent 2021

Today we begin the season of Lent, a time to prepare our hearts for the new life which Jesus brings at Easter. Lent lasts for forty days, just as Jesus spent forty days in the desert before going out to share the Good News. It is a season of hope and new life as days lengthen and spring approaches. In today’s reading we hear about Noah’s faith in God and the promise that God made to everyone.  We learn that it is important to say sorry and to be kind to others.  The link is available on our Newsletter link.




St. Mary's Parish Irishtown Clonmel 


St Mary’s Church was built in 1850 replacing the original thatched chapel, which stood on the same site in Irishtown since 1660. Plans for the present building were prepared and agreed in November 1836. The church, dedicated to Our Lady under the title of the Assumption, was completed and blessed by Most Rev. Dr. O’Brien, Bishop of Waterford, on the 12th October 1856.

The stone used for the main construction came from quarries in Kilmacomma and Mullinahone. The stucco ceiling was made possible by a legacy in 1854 from the estate of Mr. Nicholas Cott, a resident of Irishtown.

The High Altar was the gift from Mr. William Hudson. It was designed by the English Architect George Goldie, and was completed in 1867 at a cost of 2,000 pounds. It consists of Portland stone, columns of Aberdeen granite, and with inserts of Cork and Connemara marble.

The belfry tower was added in 1885 and the portico was completed in 1890.

In 1836 the parish was divided into two, the new parish taking the title of SS. Peter and Paul’s and getting possession, at the same time, of an auxiliary church which had been erected in 1810. In 1983, on the First Sunday of Advent, the parish was again divided with the creation of St. Oliver Plunkett Parish.

The tomb of the first Mayor of Clonmel, John Fitz-Geffry White, who died in 1615, was brought to St. Mary’s Irishtown from Old St. Mary’s Church.

In November 1936 St Mary’s was consecrated by the Most Rev. Dr. J. Kinnane, Bishop of Waterford and Lismore.